Steven Holtzman

Steven M. Holtzman

Maîtres du Temps is not so much a new watch company as it is an entirely new horological concept. Founded by Steven Holtzman, Maîtres du Temps brings together groups of the most talented master watchmakers to develop exclusive timepieces.

Steven Holtzman began his career in horology in 1982, when he joined the family owned business —Gruen Watch Company—one of the oldest American watch companies founded in 1894.Then in 1997 he created Helvetia Time Corporation (HTC) to distribute high-quality Swiss watch brands throughout the Americas. HTC acquired the distinction of becoming one of the few high-end, independent watch distributors in North America.

In 2008, Holtzman realized his most ambitious project to date: his own brand, Maîtres du Temps. With Maîtres du Temps, Holtzman acts as a catalyst for today's greatest master watchmakers to collaborate on the most innovative projects imaginable. In launching Maîtres du Temps, he made a conscious effort to promote the people who actually craft the timepieces—the watchmakers whose influences, strengths, and accomplishments Maîtres du Temps brings to the fore and celebrates.

"I saw my role as a connector and as a catalyst, bringing people together to come up with ideas and providing the template for independent watchmakers to be seen through a collaborative effort," says Holtzman. "By blending the different styles and talents of the watchmakers, I was able to realize my vision—Maîtres du Temps."

What Holtzman had in mind was developing teams of outstanding watchmakers who would work together to develop and craft incredible timepieces. Each master watchmaker brings his own ideas, his own style, and his own approach, and by providing the opportunity for them to work together, Maîtres du Temps harnesses and maximizes their incredible talent.

"What we're looking for is creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship," Holtzman says. "In assembling our teams of masters, we traveled throughout Switzerland and Europe, meeting amazingly talented craftsmen. Each master brings a new perspective and his own strengths, so by teaming up these gifted individuals, we can create something very special."

The level of technical and design sophistication achieved by Maîtres du Temps has rarely been seen in watchmaking. It is the result of the right combination of people sharing a bold vision. "We do it by not accepting second best and by constantly designing and re-designing," says Holtzman. "We are continually faced with different choices, and the decision each time is to not compromise on quality, finish, or design. In this way, Maîtres du Temps is able to offer remarkable timepieces crafted by remarkable people."