Chapter Two Timepiece

For the most efficient and reliable system possible for Chapter Two's groundbreaking movement, the mechanism for driving the rollers—which show the month and the day—demanded the full measure of the unmatched technical prowess of three of the world’s greatest master watchmakers. The instantaneous change of big date, day, and month attests to the success of their inventiveness.

Chapter Two features hours and minutes indicated by diamond-cut, solid gold hands, with seconds at 6 o'clock, date at 12 o'clock, and day and month spelled out on their respective rollers. The combination boasts legibility unprecedented in a triple-calendar wristwatch.

Chapter Two's tonneau case belies its complex architecture through the pure visual harmony of its form: the curves of the lugs match the flow of the case, while the day, date, and month correctors are engraved with their functions for operational clarity. Six anti-reflective sapphire crystals—three on the front and three on the caseback—provide unmatched visual access to both the indications and movement.