Christophe Claret

Vision and realization occasionally go hand in hand; more often than not, however, the journey is fraught with insurmountable difficulties.

Yet no challenge seems beyond Christophe Claret, from tourbillons of every conceivable variety to unusual automatic winding mechanisms via striking watches whose sophistication is without rival.

Mr. Claret has the essential skills to realize designs that not only have never been conceived, but that previously would have been impossible to execute.

Beginning in 1987, when he obtained his first contract for minute-repeater movements, Mr. Claret has steadily built what is possibly the world’s most sophisticated manufactory of complicated movements.

He has become both the first choice and the last resort for horological visionaries, whose dreams can be made real only by the deftest of magicians.

In the creation of Chapter One by Maîtres du Temps, Mr. Claret plays the role of both creator and developer.

Christophe Claret