Peter Speake-Marin

For English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin, the preferred route has always been the road less traveled.

From the outset, his iconoclastic personality has expressed itself not only in his chosen profession and passion for horology, but also in the way he has pursued that path.

To satisfy his desire for adventure and to broaden his experience, he left England for Switzerland, where he had studied. His first stop was the workshop of renowned complications specialists Renaud & Papi.

He then dedicated himself to mastering the methods through which today’s increasingly audacious new horological complications are conceived.

At the same time, he began work on his own masterpiece—a unique tourbillon pocket watch designed, constructed, and assembled entirely by hand.

In order for horological artistry to flourish, Speake-Marin believes that watchmakers must be aware of the past and conscious of the wealth of new possibilities offered by the future.

peter speake-marin